About Me

My name is Stuart Nelson and I’m a veteran IT Professional. And by that I mean I feel old with the pace of change in IT over the last few years. My background in IT is in Wintel, Virtualisation, Infrastructure and more recently Cloud.

I originally started cloud-mate.org to collaborate with Developers, as I believe they are the future. For a guy like me with a background in Infrastructure this is a worrying time. I realised that, without evolving my skills I wouldn’t be able to call myself an IT professional in a few years. For those Infrastructure people out there that think they can rest on their laurels now, maybe they haven’t heard about Infrastructure as Code.

My intention was to build an Apache CloudStack Cloud then deploy Cloud Foundry on this cloud and let Developers use the Cloud Foundry for free. I would like to collaborate with other people interested in Open Source cloud and PaaS. Although this hasn’t happened yet I do have a CloudStack Cloud built that needs a little work.

I am fortunate that in my current role I am making strategic decisions about Cloud, Including Private, Public and Hybrid models. But I find the best way to really understand the use cases for each cloud is to build and consume them. I have been retooling my skills by learning AWS, Softlayer, Openstack, CloudStack whilst maintaining existing knowledge of VMware vSphere. Currently, I would classify myself as jack of all clouds, master of none.

Although my skills revolve around IaaS, I personally feel like it is still just the plumbing and I need to move my skills up the value stack. I am focused on the future of cloud computing, following trends and watching emerging technologies like PaaS, containers, CI/CD, DevOps and the power of Open Source.

Hopefully there is something here that you find interesting.