Install CloudStack 4.5.1

Apache CloudStack 4.5.1

Rather than upgrade i have decided to rebuild my CloudStack to version 4.5.1 and thought i would document the installation process.

The Physical CloudStack Environment looks like this:

3 x KVM Nodes
1 x Management Node
1 x NFS Node
1 x Deployment Node


CloudStack Physical Diagram


Enable Snapshot with KVM on CloudStack

How to enable Snapshot with KVM on CloudStack

If you have chosen KVM as your hypervisor in CloudStack then you probably know that Snapshot is not supported by KVM, only VMware and XenServer. This is refering to Snapshots which capture state of the machine much like a VMware Snapshot.

What is supported is Volume Snapshot which is basically a snapshot of individual volumes. A copy of your volume is backed up to secondary storage. It does have some limitations of course, you can not just roll back to this backup.

But before you can use Volume Snapshot you will have to do a couple of things.

Logon to CloudStack and from Global settings select kvm.snapshot.enabled set it to true and restart the management server (kvm.snapshot.enabled = true)

Enable Snapshot with KVM on CloudStack


Install Open vSwitch on CentOS

Installing Open vSwitch on CentOS 6.6

I would like to use Open vSwitch on my KVM nodes in my CloudStack deployment. I will download and build the Open vSwitch rpms on my deployment server, which is just a CentOS VM which i use for deploying packages etc.

Create a directory to download the Open vSwitch tar to (You can find the most recent OVS here:

cd ~
mkdir -p rpmbuild/SOURCES

mkdir -p rpmbuild SOURCES